Monday, October 08, 2007

davao bound

am off to davao tomorrow for our vismin regional awarding on the 11th. but we intend to get there a day early for some fun time at the beach, yey! hopefull mother nature will give us a grand time.

just yesterday my bro has been telling me that it might be quite hard and dangerous for my Xan to travel that almost 8 hour stretch all the way from Iligan. i told him Xan has travelled that much before when he was barely a year old and he actually whizzed through it. he should be fine now. then he said there are bomb threats everywhere once again. i told him there has never been a dearth for bomb threats everywhere in Mindanao. doesn't make any difference now. he figured it really is so hard to reason with me, after all i really just want to be with Xan in Davao once again. so he just gave up and said he'll call my mom.

now am just all too excited. my conflicts with Waterfront Insular finally got ironed out. the guests that we're expecting have confirmed. our production crew are prepping things up. i hope there will be no more glitches.

being away for a while means me being offline for that same too. and that means me missing everything and everyone online. oh well, i'll be back real soon. i will survive this haha!

see you on the 12th! by then i will be in Iligan naman for a few days before coming back here in Manila. :)

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