Thursday, October 04, 2007

can i just say...hmmm?

(me and nards)

tonight was quite a mixture of elation and, er, boredom.

elated because i met people who i actually miss! old colleagues, friends, new people who's got more passion for life, hearing the speeches of our awardees, seeing one event going on well once again.

but darn, i felt bored maybe because i've heard all these inspiring messages a lot more often than the others that it has almost become more like cliches for me. i looked around the people in the audience and saw them nodding and even teary-eyed. i just looked at them and shrugged, i've heard it all before. sigh.

ei, i saw Nards again! I first met Nards at some salon in katip years ago when i was still in college, from then on he's been giving me my haircuts...then he became my neighbor when we stayed in abada and fast became closer friends...when i started working for BPA i've been contracting him as stylist for our awardees...this has been going on for more than 5 years already...i missed him last year because i was on leave when i had Xan...more so now that he's no longer based here in katip...he doesn't just cut my hair or does the most minimal make up for me eh...he's also been a great friend, confidante, sounding board, least i'll see him again for the national awarding this november...and yeah, he's promised me a cellophane treatment for free. weeh!

hmm..i wasn't a bit starstruck...i don't like sheryn...nor yeng especialy in her dress ( i preferred her more rakista look)...TJ looks good bait pa...we lined up to have pics taken with him *lol!*

and oh my boss pari was more than happy with the results. he went around congratulating us. kaso ala naman bonus eh wahehe...

wala lang.

i have to say this though...everything that i wore tonight came from the ukay haha! my Old Navy dress cost me P60! my peep toe black shoes was for P100...and my velvetty purple kitty of a bag was only tell me again why i have to shop in malls???

i hate putting make up on my itches all the i gotta wash my face na.


  1. Pretty in blue. Sana you included your feet sa pic. Gusto kong makita yung peep-toe shoes, mahilig kasi ko sa ganung type of shoes. =)

  2. oo nga eh...di marunong yun kumuha..importante pa naman ang shoes hehe

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    eewww...bagay ka talaga sa ukay-ukay!! hahaha pangit mo!!

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    eewww...bagay ka talaga sa ukay-ukay!! hahaha pangit mo!!

  5. hahaha, salamat na din ms/mr's always good hiding in some coat huh! :D