Wednesday, October 17, 2007

why i didn't enjoy bluewaters-davao...

...well, mostly because i was soooo looking forward to some fun in the sun amidst the cool october air...sigh.

but when we got there the pool was not even filled up even if i've made reservations weeks before that. so we waded on the beach for a while and though they had nice white sand we had to don footwears kse masakit sa paa ang mga bato bato, ouch!

when we were finally able to get into the pool umulan na ng malakas...haay. buti warm naman ang tubig at maganda ang view ng davao from a distance. Parang HK, wow!

we decided not to go island hopping na kse it's worth 5K plus we had to pay an additional P1500 for entrance fees at Pearl Farm plus 200 each for snorkeling gear nyek! i mean it must be fun, the beaches and resorts on the other side of Samal Is. might be well worth it but c'mon I've gone snorkeling and island hopping to other great beaches and resorts in the country but 5k plus-plus is still too much noh! (roundtrip airfare na yan to macau or xiamen via CebuPac's Go! fares hmpf!) well at least we got to relax for a sobrang quiet ba naman kse halos kami lang ang tao haha.

so we had to retire early as there's nothing left to do naman (buti they had lavender sheets naman har-har!) around 8pm we tried to ask the store for some milo (or beer man lang sana) kaso sarado na wahahaha!!! thus we we're really tucked in early that night. tried to watch Numb3rs on cable that time but the cable connection got disconnected at 9pm, hanubayun!!!

oh well, bye bye na nga lang and hope to find a better, more fun resort next time! :p


  1. 5k is too expensive nga. We went to Paradise Resort in Samal Island when we were in Davao. Ang mahal kasi ng overnight sa Pearl Farm, 3k+ ata per head.

  2. we've been to Paradise na kse several times kaya we wanted to try other places. ay oo, yun ngang 1500 eh entrance fee pa lang sa Pearl Farm..soo unfriendly for local tourists!

  3. As far as I know kaya 5k ang island hopping nila kasi malaki ang boat kasya mga 20 passengers, lugi ka kung konti lang kayo. Hindi rin kasi pwede ang small boat kasi may maalon na lugar sa dagat at malalayo ang pupuntahan na beaches. Ganito rin sa Punta del Sol Resort 5k din noong nandun kami mga foreigners lang ang nagrent kasi nag scuba diving sila sa laot. Very expensive nga ito for us, di rin ito kaya ng powers ko!!

  4. ano ba ito? disaster ba? never been here, i want to.. this may we will be back in davao!! pero kung ganito kaworse ang nangyari sa inyo, i better think trice, sa paradise na lang siguro or sa punta del sol, did you know this resort? nabasa ko lang din sa pinoy exchange.. i read your comment in the samal thread.. kaya naman pala!! gud luck na lang din to us!! hehe!!

  5. Ohhh its so sad T_T. well that place is really expensive. in fact there are lot of resorts that are far better than that. in bohol they have cheap but nice place to go. well lessons to learn nalang natin to ^_^.

  6. Anonymous1:44 PM

    well, kung ndi nyo kaya guys then hwag na maraming reklamo kc it means wala kau money to avail it.. so simple huh!! or else gawa na lng kau sarili nyong boat para ndi kau nkukuripotan sa 5k na yan... :))