Saturday, October 27, 2007

how to plan for a looong weekend...

you don't.

had i known it's going to be this almost one week! i should have bought a promo ticket and gotten home. oh wel..

nothin much to do now but take advantage of the spare time to face my backlogs, watch movies i've missed and just idle away again yey!

here are some titles i got from video city pala:

blood and chocolate

man of the year

the keys to the house

brothers grimm

a good year

the crime of padre amaro

i would also like to try catch up on my jogging and strive to keep fit enough for my surfing trip coming up next weekend :D

keep safe and have fun everyone!


  1. Riel is staying on my parents for the weekend. Ngayon lang sila uuwi nung yaya so my bestfriend and I took the opportunity to do a DVD marathon. We watched The Ninth Gate and Shawshank redemption on Saturday then FRIENDS marathon naman yesterday. =) Now I'm stuck here at the office working. May mga hinahabol lang na tasks.

  2. aww, well at least double pay!..may grey's anatomy dvds pa nga ako dito eh much to do pa din pala...have fun!!