Monday, October 08, 2007

traipsing around tagaytay

we originally meant to go to laguna for some relaxing hot soak at the warm springs...unfortunately we found it hard to hold on to people's commitments and we had to shift plans when only but a handful of us were able to really say they were interested and willing to go with us. raring to go out of town to relax and have fun we ultimatley decided to just head on to tagaytay to have dinner and some beers and then coffee. and oh wow, we actually managed to attract more people and thus 8 of us finally set off to the wonderful cold world up tagaytay. yey!

the group at Leslie's

found this nice nook, perfect for camwhores like us...

inside Sanctuario..see? para kaming royal family!

the newly improved Olivares rotunda

bye, bye Tagaytay! Till next time!

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