Thursday, January 03, 2008


Xan and i are currently not feeling so well. blame it on our endless trips to the stores and eating and walking out in spite of the rains.

my mom says though that it must be lagnat laki as both our birthdays are soon coming up. she suggests we offer one buhay na manok to ward off sickness. duh!

i don't really worry much about it as at least i get to spend more quality time with Xan as we both stay and lie and roll over the bed all day long watching Blues Clues and Sesame Street till we both get to sleep.

quite a respite too as i get to stay off the table and ref and munch on whatever i could find there =)


  1. Cute pic! At least you get to spend more quality time with each other. Hehe, sick bedmates. Get well soon, both of you! =)

  2. thanks Daiz and happy new year to you and riel! =)