Saturday, January 12, 2008

loveable two

my Xan is turning two tomorrow. i've been keeping myself busy and nostalgic the past days by compiling his pics and going through it again. how he's grown so fast.

the entire family is as excited as i am too. though we are not really planning for an all out celebration we just want it as memorable and simple as ever. this kid is much loved and doted upon and it shows how bubbly and lovable he is with his endearing smile and loud laughs and shrieks. i don't think i could even bear referring to him as on his terrible twos.

though he has his moments when he would exert his weight around we somehow manage to sway him away from what he really wants unless its allowable enough. he could barely talk yet but he knows exactly how to boss you around by taking your hand and lead you to our cabinet where his goodies are stored when he is hungry. or take you to the tv stand where he gets to pick his Blue's Clues cd for us to plug on. or pick up your hands to let you clap right after he would sing and dance haha!

and it's almost always heartbreaking when he would let out that wild wail or just show some sad face when we won't give him what he wants. but somehow we know we would still have to control him whenever necessary. at least he recovers quite easily after handing him something else and soon he'd let out his toothy smile again. such bliss!

sigh. it's been two years of having him. two years of a semi long distance relationship too. but somehow i feel comforted that he is doing so well. his hugs and kisses will always be warm and welcoming, his charm all too familiar and sweet.

as always, i am grateful for my entire family. i never heard anything bad from them in having Xan. he's been a real blessing. our home has never been this all lit up. i have my entire posse with me in rearing up this child to the world. it is indeed one charmed life.

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