Friday, January 25, 2008


i know we all hate bein involved in rumors...but here's a few of 'em we'd love to talk about and i hope they are indeed true.

Rumored Concerts in the Philippines This 2008

1. Madonna

"I heard about the rumor that she’s coming just last December. With the Confessions Tour Album and also with the release of her eleventh studio album under Warner Bros. featuring collaborations with Timbaland, Pharell Wlliams and Justin Timberlake, it will also be perfect for this musical icon to come over here in Manila. As some says, this is still under negotiations but there are greater chances that it will push through. The concert is rumored to happen in July with Taguig Open fields or MOA Complex as venues."

2. Dave Matthews Band

"With an award and several nominations from Grammy, having sold over 31 million albums and included in the Top 100 Highest Selling Music Acts of all time, who will say it’s not worth for Dave Matthews band to do a concert here? Well, there are rumors that they will also do a concert here in September and it could be held at the Fort or MOA complex."

3. U2

"Aside from 170 million albums worldwide and being able to grab more Grammy awards as compared to other bands, the band is also known for addressing several issues such as poverty, disease, and social injustice. While keeping their traditioal sound and influences, U2 has been able to keep loyal fans while getting a new generation of fans worldwide. U2 is rumored to do a concert either at MOA complex or at the Fort this September."

oh well, i don't really care about all the other artists but the complete list can be found in here


  1. I'd love to have U2 and Dave Matthews Band here. Kahit gaano pa kamahal tickets. Speaking of which, I still have to grab me a ticket for the upcoming Incubus concert. =)

  2. oo nga, mamamatay ata ako kung papalampasin ko si Bono at DMB =)