Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i remember posting this before 2006 ended and i'd like to check out now how my wishes fared...

1. 15,000 miles. i hope to accumulate at least that in my Mabuhay Miles to at least take me to Singapore or wherever. So far I have 12000 plus. Yey!

i now have almost 20,000 miles, thanks to my frequent trips via PAL. too bad Air Phil has stopped giving mileage points in lieue of cheaper fares daw hmpf! note that about 2000 points will expire this March so i'll have to use them soon. i don't have to use this for a Singapore trip as i'll have a free trip scheduled already, yey! but March is just too soon..hmm...

2. 4 + 1. being the wanderlust that i am i hope i could travel to 4 interesting spots around the country and at least one abroad. don't really care whether it's work related or Pex sabit. waah!

yeah! was able to visit camiguin, davao, bohol, bacolod, palawan, pagudpud, etc this year. no international trips though but i'll have Sing and KL by the end of January this year so not bad really.

3. 50K. with how much i earn and spend a month i wish to have this modest savings by the end of the year. i wish! i wish!

hahaha i'm afraid i failed miserably in the savings department. i've saved a bit but it went mostly to Xan's account. at least it's not in my atm account which i can just dip in to anytime.

4. 50% off. i've been maxing my credit cards left and right and the interests i pay every month are just outrageous. i really wish i could just throw them out the window or lock it out for good. sigh.

i'm no longer using 2 out of my 4 credit cards...should be a good improvement, right?

5. 100 lbs. i really wish to keep my weight down to at least a 100 lbs. am barely 5' it wouldn't look good if i become overweight. that would spell then a regular trip to the gym and not to the kitchen har-har.

hell yeah! i was 118 lbs. after giving birth to Xan but i'm just about 103-105 lbs now even after the holidays, i believe i could easily go back to at most a hundred soon. yey!

6. 100%. someday soon i just want to be a full time mom to my growing bebi Xan. who's really turning into a bebi no more. sniff.

awww, it's still going to be an LDR but i'd like to believe that Xan and I will do just fine. he still holds my hand as we sleep.

7. The One. hmmm...i don't know how to describe this. i'll just leave it to my Maker. Prays.

WOW! Yun lang.

and now i'm so looking forward to a much better 2008! yi-ha!

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