Monday, January 07, 2008

terrible 32

dang, i'm old na waaah!

Jan. 05: had a sort salubong with my sis, nephews and nieces at iliganon bar.

the following day we went out to lunch with the entire family.

back home we had dinner at home naman with Mama's pancit, humba, cake and ice cream (parang bata hehe)

i am forever grateful to my family and friends for making my day great ever. wala na ako sa kalendaryo, buti na lang may bingo pa haha!

special thanks to billy corgan for composing 33, at least i still have something greater to look forward to. yi-ha! =)

oh, before i went home i had my hair fixed again, kaya yan mukha na akong bading haha!


  1. January 6 ba bday mo?

    Belated Happy Bday! :D

  2. ka bday mo ang tatay ng kambal ko. LOL

  3. haha! bad memories ba?? =)

  4. Belated happy birthday, Lang! Glad you enjoyed your special day.

  5. di naman bad memories, lalong di ko lang malilimutan ang bday mo. haha!

  6. Daiz: Salamat!

    Mars: Di ko tuloy alam kung bad or good yan hahaha!