Monday, September 12, 2011


Bonchon Chicken in Katipunan has been opened for about a couple of weeks now. I only had the chance to try it tonight since queues have been unbearable the past days. i passed by there tonight, took a peek and when i found a couple of empty tables immediately went inside to fall in line behind the counters.

My first Bonchon experience was in Ayala Triangle and their branch is a bit small compared to this branch. I can see that customers are of mixed backgrounds and ages, it was a school night and though majority of them are students, there are still a handful of families with kids.

My order of 2-pc drumstick with rice and a regular softdrink costs P145.00. i remember loving the crispy yet thin glazed skin i could almost compare it with some crunchy turon. i love the spicy variety, i find the regular ones a bit boring. the two drumsticks aren't too feeling though. or sadyang gutom o matakaw lang ako hehe. but i'm kinda wishing that just like the other more popular chicken houses, they would also offer bigger chicken parts like breast, thighs, keels. uhm, wishful thinking.

So the best chicken in America is made in Korea??? Nah, i still love Popeye's to bits! :p

i heard that Manang's Chicken, another chicken factory that is making waves lately is set to open here in a couple of weeks. I'd definitely try that and compare it with this Bonchon. ;)

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