Sunday, September 11, 2011

peanut butter overload!

" i love peanut butter but i don't want it in my roast beef!!"

i have just enthusiastically finished my classic spaghetti and was about to take a big bite off my PBB Burger when i heard an elderly woman exclaimed this. i wanted so much to poke her to tell her to go ahead and give it a try. i mean, we do add peanuts in our kare-kare, right? i guess we only have this notion as kids of having peanut butter for our desserts and snacks. it still is quite a strange idea adding it to our viands and meat dishes.

this Katipunan branch recently opened and like that elderly lady, i was hesitant at first in trying this out when i heard about their branch in SM MOA. after reading several reviews about the food however i could not wait to give it a try.

unlike their other branches, this branch is definitely bigger and encourages more dine-in costumers. it was a rainy afternoon when i went there and there weren't other guests yet at that time.

this stall displays several interesting peanut butter flavors, there's curry, chili, cardamon, green tea apart from the usual butter, white chocolate, creamy, etc. the smallest tub costs P55.00

i ordered their classic spaghetti thinking the additional peanut butter in it is adventurous enough already. the pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce extra creamy but not too sweet it was actually very good. i meant to eat half of it and take the rest home but nah, i finished all of it!

this half order costs P75.00.

i read somewhere that they are mostly for take out orders thus the use of disposable utensils, i really hope they could provide real plates and utensils next time for dine-in costumers.

i also ordered their PBB Burger which costs P180.00. i was pretty hoping that like their other sandwiches they have this in half orders too but they don't. i still had it halved thinking i could no longer finish all of it.

i love how juicy the patty is, and i imagine tasting real beefy goodness in every bite. i am not a fan of sesame but the sesame flavored peanut buttered is what's giving it it's more unique, exotic appeal.

i would definitely go back and try out their other fares. there's the fish diablo pasta, chicken curry spaghetti, butter fish steak sandwich, black forest sandwich, ahhh my list is endless! hehe...:p


  1. I'd love to try the peanut butter spreads! :)

  2. sarap ng spaghetti, lalo nung mainit-init pa, yum!