Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the fuss on Jollibee's hash brown burger

i've been hearing so much noise and raves about it that i just have to try and see it for myself. i love hash browns but i am not a fan of jollibee's patties, i find it a bit smelly and it has this overpowering taste and smell that could stick to you palate, and even your hands and clothes LOL! but i love their burger steak, weird, i know but it's only because of their mushroom gravy.

so i trooped to Jollibee anyway and tasted it for myself merely to satisfy my curiosity and see what the fuss is all about.

indeed it is baked but i find it oily just the same. the patty is still the same patty that i don't like and i don't like their cheese too. it's a bit dry and tasteless. i merely slathered it with lots of catsup, and yum, there it tasted okay.

 i still prefer mcdonald's hash browns, sorry. i like it when there's more texture, more solid bits that i could still bite on. here it's more like mashed potatoes shaped and fried, err baked.

maybe i could appreciate this more if they take away the cheese and add some lettuce and tomatoes perhaps? 

or let it be and i'll just stay away from it's still quite a steal though for P80.00 including a regular drink. 

(my apologies for the quality of the photos, i merely used my phone)

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