Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Death by Chocolat

for quite a while now i have been on the prowl for the best chocolate cakes in the metro. i love chocolate cakes and i love them soft and moist with a hint of bitterness. not too sweet at all but i prefer it with some bit of caramel or even yema filling too. yum!

i've heard of this tiny store in Xavierville called Chocolat. they say it has the bestest chocolatiest cake ever and since it's just in my neighborhood i'd definitely need to try it.

i instantly saw the freezers showcasing all those yummy treats and i got so excited i almost didn't notice their quaint interiors.

it looks homey and cozy alright but i don't think i could ever sit still and enjoy whatever i have on my plate without trying to check out the freezers again and find out what else i'd want to try eeek!!!

so anyway, i was there to just choose a slice for take out and run away as fast as i could before these tiny choco monsters would squeal out my name and beg me to take them too. i ended up buying two slices though hihi.

Chocolate Caramel (P75)

I love caramel...be it the caramel sundae of Mcdo or the caramel macchiato in Starbucks, or the banoffee pie at Banapple, argh!! So of course, I've gotta try this caramel cake. And it did not disappoint. I was given a slice which was already standing there for quite a while and i would have wanted a fresh slice thinking it could have been aired out a bit and have already lost its moisture. i let it go thinking i'll just have to give it a chance just the same. Yes, it's still moist but still has enough texture. The icing is a bit bitter which i love since the caramel is already sweet and creamy and buttery. I love how everything exploded in my mouth like bittersweet symphony.

Death by Tablea (P80)

The Death by Tablea is entirely different. It reminds me of a mother's love, sweet, traditional, very comforting. It's like those cold nights when we are soothed by a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows and quilted blankets. Okay enough of these dreams! If you are fond of the tablea, you know those bitter round chunk of goodness usually blended and mixed with hot milk using a batirol to give you that traditional chocolate drink? This is exactly like it. We call it sikwati or tsokolate in my hometown. It's really good with the same soft and moist cake that doesn't melt in your mouth but leaves some texture that could tickle your palate. I can't wait to get some more!

My other great chocolate cake finds are the ones at Cafe Sweet Inspirations in Katipunan and Cafe Xocolat in B. Gonzales. Hands down though to these chocolate slices too found in some stalls at the malls, Hungry Pac which deliciously sells for barely 50 bucks a slice, yumyumyum!!

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