Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sambo Kojin

After about 3 hours of enjoying the hydro-massages, hot pools, water jets at Ace Water Spa, we immediately set off to Eastwood, Libis where Sambo Kojin is.  This is my first time at Sambo, we've been warned of the long wait for tables so we made sure to call in advance to reserve. The place was packed indeed when we got there but a table was already waiting for us, bliss!

Ahh, there is indeed an array of food stuff from sushi, sashimi, to fresh meats in different special sauces to cooked items like tempuras, beef stews, noodles, etc. It was food heaven to say the least. And grilling them ourselves is another interesting activity in itself. I am amazed that indeed it is smokeless that the smell of food won't stick to our clothes at all. I heard a vacuum-like contraption is being installed somewhere under our tables to suck in all the smoke and release it all somewhere else instead of inside the restaurant, how cool can that get!


i must have eaten a lot of their beef varieties and shrimp tempura, uhm, i ate a lot of everything indeed!

the dessert items which consists of pastries, fruits, ice cream didn't disappoint as well. they also have a chocolate fondue for marshmallows and diced fruits.

it would be great to come back and stuff ourselves silly again but i believe we need to run around the oval a few times or lift some more weights before we could dare go back. teehee!

the buffet meal costs P595 per person, a bit steep but hey, the quantity and quality of food and the entire experience is all worth it.

Sambo Kojin is at 207 EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong (726-4466) and at Eastwood City Walk, Quezon City (421-0145)


  1. nice..kakagutom naman iyan

  2. Yummy right? :) I brought my college friends there last month, and they want to go back soon! :)