Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gourmet breakfast on the streets, anyone?

recently saw this stall featured on local TV, the meals just looked so yummy and the prices so affordable i just had to check it out myself. it so happened that my food trip group, yes there's such a group in my end lol, opted to go to a nearby establishment so i resolved to myself that i visit this place first before i go follow them.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is located in the inner streets of Mandaluyong, I am not familiar with the place so that's how i must say so myself. From Boni station of the MRT we looked for the tricycle stand to take us to San Joaquin St. where they are located. Riding a jeep towards Kalentong will also pass by near the location but as I've said I am not familiar with the place.

True enough, it's but a simple stall like some sari-sari store here in the country except that they don't have grocery items but a menu for breakfast fares served 24 hours a day. we chose to sit on their table for two with my friend Andy and started ordering to our hearts (and wallets) content.

i basically came here for the eggs benedict. i am an egg person, i could eat a piece or two each day. it's like my comfort food. and i've never tried having this yet i am just curious.

their eggs benedict only costs 60 pesos with a sidings of fried potato wedges. i love the slight sting of spice on the creamy and buttery hollandaise sauce, the ham is cooked just right, the egg is a bit runny. love it and definitely recommends it!

i also ordered their banana and peanut butter pancakes which costs 55 pesos. it's a bit crunchy on the sides and fluffy in the middle with generous amounts of peanut butter and some thinly sliced bananas as toppings. the maple and chocolate syrups drizzled all over gave it its more festive and rich taste. thumbs up!

our total bill cost 255 including fish and chips also for 55 pesos and crispy pork belly for 65 pesos. and 2 Coke sakto for the two of us. too bad they don't have any brewed coffee.

after having a couple of beers at the nearby Lime 88, we went back to Kanto with some of my food trip group. they also sampled the eggs benedict and this time i tried their tuyo flakes with kesong puti also for 55 pesos.

i love their staple garlic rice and pesto tomato for all their meals. it just compliment the viands perfectly. darn it, i dream about their food all the time too bad i live a bit far from them. kudos to the people behind this resto, i hope they don't jack their prices up just yet. i really want to go back there again and again.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is located at 549 San Joaquin St., Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City and is open 24/7.


  1. I'd love to try this! :)

  2. masarap! sulit pa...ang layo lang sa akin...buti na lang din hehe

  3. malay mo ate purps lumapit din sila sayo tulad ng bonchon.hehe. :)

  4. nagmahal na agad sila ng prices :(