Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Boy's Baler Adventure

this trip took place last summer making this post long overdue. but i miss my little boy and i miss traveling i just have to post this now. 

it was rainy in Manila when we traveled to Baler. we left around 4 am aboard a luxurious Genesis bus with its lazy boy-like chairs. the trip took about 7 hours, arduous yes, but we slept the entire time. 

ever since he was a baby, my boy has been so used to traveling long distance that i never had a problem taking him to different places. now at 5 years old, i could not count anymore the number of places he has been to. he's been to Davao, Dakak in Dapitan, Bantayan in Cebu, Baguio, Tagaytay, Zamboanga, even Vigan in Ilocos. i have a wanderlust of a son just like his mommy.

we checked in at Bay's Inn, Sabang around 11am, ate our lunch and rested till afternoon. by late afternoon, we got on a tricycle to take us to nearby spots we could check out.

Baler is actually a very idyllic town, quiet and charming with its very inviting beaches and other attractions. although this is also a surfing town, this little boy is afraid of rough seas he never bothered setting foot in the beach just across the hotel in Bay's Inn, in Sabang where we stayed. But he gladly waded on the sand and shallow waters at serene Digisit Beach a good 15 minute tricycle ride form Sabang.

Baler Church

On our second day, we started with a day tour around  Baler and the nearby towns of Aurora, also aboard the tricycle. We first passed by the Baler Church near the town plaza. 

In the Siege of Baler, this is the church where the remaining Spanish soldiers hid for months. I remember watching the local movie Baler when i got back home in Manila only to reminisce most of my trip there.

ayan na pala ang ating bida, parang naka snatch lang ng bag hehe...

this was the stage when the little boy is still in his Thomas the Train obsession. that is supposedly his school bag we just bought from Greenhills. he never wanted to part with it even as we toured around Baler. the get-up consisted of course of his Thomas shirt and flipflops. inside the bag is his toy train, a Thomas pencil case, among others.

while we looked around and took photos of the church, we left the little boy here playing with the local kids. i wonder how he got that empty seat, eh!

from the church we proceeded to this long expanse of pebbly beach near Maria in Aurora. It was almost 12 noon, the sun was glaring brightly and the little boy didn't really like it. and he detested walking on pebbles and bits of sand but mommy still wanted to check out the place and take photos!

after having lunch at some nearby carenderia, we proceeded to the big balete tree and i mean BIG! this 600 year old balete tree has been designated as the Millenium Tree. 

the little boy's face lit up when he saw an ice cream vendor. he then gladly posed for photos. 

i'm in Baler and i have ice cream, bleh!!

next stop was the Ditumabo Falls. i was hesitant at first upon learning that there will be a 15-20 minute trek passing through rivers and rocky, unpaved roads. but i remember this little boy has gone to Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin when he was about a year old and he walked along with us. without complaint as always.

it was not just a 15-20 minute walk for us though. we must have passed through three or four make-shift bamboo bridges. a few times we had to ask the little boy if he's tired and wanted to be carried but no, he kept on and ambled and was really enthusiastic. my, this 35 year old mommy indeed had a hard time keeping up with the agility and gait of her 5 year old, but of course! i guess he just got really excited when we told him we're going to swim!

the falls was breathtaking literally and figuratively, the water was ice cold but the little boy totally loved frolicking and splashing around. we stayed for an hour and he almost didn't want to go till we told we would still be swimming on the next stop. after the long walk back towards the main street, we let him wade for a short while on the nearby river until he finally bade goodbye to "swimming".

On the way home, while mommy shopped for souvenirs, the little boy had his eyes fixed on Pres. Manuel Quezon's vintage car which was on display. Aw, sorry, son, but we cannot take that home.

we left Baler and the town of Aurora the following day sun-kissed and sated. we had so much fun and the little boy enjoyed himself. now on to more destinations!


  1. I miss Baler! I went there last May.:)

  2. May din kami nun, 1st week ata, baka magkasunod lang tayo. :)

  3. End of May kami. hehe. Mabagyo sa Manila tapos sa Baler summer pa din.hehe :)