Friday, September 09, 2011

the blackberry story

(photo credits to the owner)

i'd almost always come home via cab each time i have a night out with friends. last night was quite atypical though. a few minutes after i got in the cab, the driver asked me if a blackberry is expensive. not really knowing where the conversation could lead to, i merely said yes, but i'm not so sure since i don't have one. he then said it was because somebody left a blackberry in his cab and he does not know what to do with it. he hasn't been turning the radio on thinking he might miss a call in case it rings. i told him to take it to a radio station like the one where Papa Jack works since he's always onboard during the wee hours of the morning and i'm thinking he's a got a lot of listeners and fans. i could have told him to go the police station but i realize we might not be able to trust them (bad!)

then he showed me the phone and asked me to check how it could work. i saw that there were already several messages but since i never had a blackberry i didn't know how to operate it. i tried to compose a reply but i didn't know how to send it. i tried to call but i could not hear anything.

so i asked the driver if it is alright that i copy a number from the phone. one message there said that whoever found the phone will get a reward, or something like that. i copied the number and also asked for the driver's contact details.

when i reached home i just bid the driver adieu wishing him good luck with the phone and he also told me to try contacting the owner as well. i then tried to call the owner using my phone and sent him a message about a blackberry left in a cab.

the following morning i got call from the owner. i gave him the details and he said he's going to contact the cab driver.

a couple of hours later he said he finally got his phone and was thanking me profusely. i told him to thank and reward the driver instead

so to Mang Ben Martinez of Glowing Stone taxi with plate number UVH 133, good job!!!


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Hi, saw your bllog. Left my impt notebook and some toys in the trunk of a glowing stone cab. Can you kindly share with me the contact number of the owner? Really imprt and urgent! Super Thanks! 09175010519

  2. hi, it's 385-0691. it would be most helpful if you got the plate number, i believe they have several units. good luck! :)