Friday, September 02, 2011

Gayuma ni Maria

this quite schmaltzy restaurant then simply called Gayuma is used to be located in 86 Abada St. in Loyola Heights. i remember it so well because i used to live in that very same apartment back in the late 90s. :)

We had a sort of reunion there with my then boardmates and how we marveled at how they turned the place into some cozy nook what with all the scented candles and linens and different knick-knacks and the food was just superb. We had out first taste of the chocolate called Better Than Sex and this dish called Ring of Fire, among others. Unfortunately the place burned down and they had to transfer to another place also along Abada.

It closed down again but to cut the story a lot shorter it IS now back again but along Sikatuna this time just near the cluster of interesting joints along Maginhawa St.

It still has the same ambiance and homey feel but i feel like the quality of food has watered-down. Did they change management? Their BTS is now Beats Sex Any Day and gone are some menu items we used to love. I ordered this chicken dish called I Love You, Cross My Heart. It's very filling with rice and a good enough portion of breaded chicken fillet with some asparagus and mushrooms for added drama.

a friend ordered I'm Wild For You but he said it didn't make him go wild at all. i tried it and it tasted like carbonara but a lot sweeter and creamier, well the exaggerated taste of cream it almost tasted like it was sprinkled with a lot of powdered milk.

the desserts were good though it's just that there were only a few cakes available when we got there. we sampled the Beat Sex Any Day, their best seller, Broken Promises which is also very good with it's chewy flaky chocolate crinkly taste, and this coffee cake called All Night Long.

Our group sampled other dishes like the following:

Lumpiang Barako (green peppers)

Rock Me Baby (Baby Back Ribs with corn and mashed potatoes)

Three's a Crowd, pork, beef and chicken barbecue

Exotic Lover, spaghetti with basil and dried fish in olive oil

and this one's their famous Beats Sex Any Day

people might want to go there with their dates but it would also be fun if you go there with your friends and hang out upstairs where you could play around with the different outfits on display.

and some stuff there might also be useful for a more fun bridal shower or get together with your female friends haha!

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